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  • Since 1990, Ad International has been aiming at providing in-depth market information and offering the best media solutions in specific markets


Represented Media

Ad International is working with different international partners in Europe, Middle East, Asia... Therefore we can offer you global solutions in most markets.

  • Lagardère (for non-deco clients) :
    - Elle (46 editions worldwide)
    - Femina France
    - Art & Décoration France
    - Paris Match France
    - Journal du Dimanche France
    - Air France Magazine
    - Madame Air France
    - Etc.
  • CXO (for lifestyle clients) : Belgian Business magazine
  • American Express Magazines :
    - Centurion
    - Departures
    - Experience
  • Switzerland (
    - Ticino Management: finance, business & culture
    - TM Donna: nr 1 women’s magazine in Ticino
    - Ticino Management in Russian
    - Evolution: inflight magazine Etihad
    - Arte & Storia: art & history magazine
  • Norway:
    - Aftenposten : Norway's biggest quality newspaper
    - Bergens Tidende : Regional newspaper
    - Stavanger Aftenblad : Regional newspaper
    - Faedrelandsvennen : Regional newspaper
    - Adresseavisen : Regional newspaper
    - A-Magasinet : Norway's largest newspaper supplement
    - Mat fra Norge : Norwegian food culture & traditions
    - Hyttemagasinet : for the modern holiday house owner
    - Historie : history & culture
    - Innsikt : current affairs
    - Vitenskap : science
  • Middle East : we cover the whole market (all types of media) in collaboration with TAL
  • Eurochannel: a world television channel dedicated to European culture and lifestyle.  Available in Latin-America, France, Switzerland and Belgium
  • Outdoor China : largest OOH network in China with 253 LED-screens in 102 cities
  • Outdoor worldwide : we offer outdoor solutions in most countries
  • Greece : we all types of media on the Greek market
  • Germany : regional newspapers + websites
  • Recruitment : worldwide solutions for recruitment (print and online)

Main services

  • Media representation:

    specialized in quality, lifestyle and luxury media...
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  • Consultancy:

    the complexity of the media-scene doesn’t always make it easy to define the best strategy for your product/campaign. Ad International can assist you in finding the best and most effective solutions
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  • Information:

    Ad International can provide media information and has access to local studies for most countries
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