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  • Since 1990, Ad International has been aiming at providing in-depth market information and offering the best media solutions in specific markets


Media partners

  • Ad International is working with different international partners in Europe, Middle East, Asia... Therefore we can offer you global solutions in most markets.
  • Thanks to our collaboration with TAL, we can cover the whole Middle East and all types of media.
  • Eurochannel: a world television channel dedicated to European culture and lifestyle. Available in Latin-America, France, Switzerland and Belgium.
  • Outdoor China: largest OOH network in China with 253 LED-screens in 102 cities
  • Outdoor Worldwide
  • Greece: we cover the whole Greek market
  • Germany: regional newspapers + websites
  • Recruitment: worldwide recruitment solutions online and print
  • Switzerland (
    - Ticino Management: Swiss monthly on finance, business & culture
    - Ticino Management Donna: nr 1 women’s magazine in Ticino
    - Ticino Management in Russian
    - Evolution: inflight magazine Etihad
    - Arte & Storia: art & history magazine

Main services

  • Media representation:

    specialized in quality, lifestyle and luxury media...
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  • Consultancy:

    the complexity of the media-scene doesn’t always make it easy to define the best strategy for your product/campaign. Ad International can assist you in finding the best and most effective solutions
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  • Information:

    Ad International can provide media information and has access to local studies for most countries
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